Home Laser Hair Removal Kits – Buying Guide

Why Get A Home Laser Hair Removal Kit

One of the best ways that you can easily use to achieve permanent hair reduction is to use the laser hair removal method.

Laser hair removal involves the use of coherent, monochromatic light to destroy the hair follicle. It works by attacking the melanin in the hair follicles. Once the hair follicle is damaged, the hair follicle will never regrow. Laser hair removal is a permanent method of hair reduction.

Until recently, the only place you can have a laser hair removal treatment was in a clinic by professional clinicians that have to be fully trained to handle the higher power lasers in a safe, controlled environment.

Getting a professional laser hair removal treatment done in a clinic could be quite expensive especially when you consider the fact that for any laser hair removal treatment to work, you do need to have several sessions over a period of time;

And with each session of laser hair treatment costing a few hundred dollars (e.g average cost of laser hair removal treatment for legs = $xxxx per session), it doesn’t take much to understand that having a professional laser hair removal treatment can be expensive.

There are numerous home laser hair removal devices on the market, although not as strong as the one that you can find in the clinics (which can only be used by trained personel) still go some way to helping achieve permanent hair reduction over time.

Buying a home laser hair removal kit to use in the comfort of your own home will not only save you considerable amount of money, but will also save you from the stress and time involved in trying to find a good laser hair removal clinic and also the time and effort involved in travelling to and fro to the laser hair removal clinic

At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – What To Look For

There are so many new home laser hair removal devices on the market today that deciding which one to buy can often be confusing.

It is important to remember that not all laser hair removal devices are good for everyone. For instance, some home laser hair removal devices are only good for some certain skin tones and hair types.

Furthermore, some devices are best used on the face and the neck, but not practical for use on the back and any large areas of the skin. The durability of the system is also important, as some have parts that have to be replaced after a certain period.

This article has been compiled by HairRemovalProductsReview.com to make it much easier for you to choose the best home laser hair removal device to buy for use at home

Below are some of the important criteria that you can use to evaluate home laser removal kits when buying:

At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – Performance Features

When looking for the best home laser hair removal device to buy, you will want to consider not only how powerful the laser hair removal device is and how well it removes hair, but also one that is very safe to use at home.

Scientific studies have confirmed that the higher the fluence (power) the more effective the device is (as you would expect) so it is important that you consider the type of light or heat energy (diode type, Ipl type, heat type) that the device uses and the output energy that the type of technology can generate.

Laser hair removal devices that operate at a higher frequency range than other lasers can penetrate the skin more deeply. and the once that operate at a lower frequency range, can work closer to the skin’s surface.

Depending on the area of the body that you want to target for treatment with the laser hair removal equipment, you will also want a device that has the appropriate treatment head size that will allow you to not only easily treat the targeted area but also is very easy device to use.

Laser hair removal devices are classified by the type of skins color and hair type they can work on ( See fitzpatrick scale ); It is therefore important that you choose one that can work on your skin type and color.

At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – Product Features

Home Laser hair removal devices come in all shapes and sizes, but they share some common product features such as a skin safety sensor, safety trigger system, intensity level settings and having a replaceable/non replaceable catridge.

You want to make sure that the home laser hair removal devices that you purchase has all the important features that will make the process of removing your unwanted hair as easy as possible.

Some home laser hair removal devices come with replaceable light pulse cartridge whilst some do not. The advantage of having a home laser hair removal device with a replaceable catridge is that you can pay for addition catridges once the one that came with the unit is exhausted. Although there is an ongoing cost of buyng replacement catridges with this type of device… you don’t have to commit a huge outlay when purchasing the device.

The other type of laser hair removal device is built without a replacement catridge… so once you exhaust the laser pulse that is built into the device… the device is no longer of any use. Although it must be said that such laser hair removal devices are stocked, fillewd with laser pulses to last a lifetime for the user.

You also want to make sure that your device has all the safety features to ensure you don’t expose your skin to any harmful rays that can cause damage to the skin.

Some of the really good laser hair removal brands come with a comprehensive step by step Instruction DVD video to help ensure the unit is used well

At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – Design Features

The overall design and the grip of the laser hair removal device is quite important. Some laser hair removal devices have unique designs, but that can make the device awkward to hold, especially when you want to use it on the armpits or on your upper lip.

You also need to consider the weight of the unit in case you need to use it for extended periods of time. A design that makes the laser device hard to hold will make the whole process really uncomfortable for you.

A very important part of the laser hair removal device is the size of the treatment area of the device. The larger the size of the treatment area, the quicker it will be for you to complete the hair removal process

Some laser hair removal systems allow you to replace the laser cartridges when you need to. It is important that you take into consideration, not only the cost of the hair removal system, but also the cost of replacement parts when choosing one system over another.

You will also come across some laser hair removal devices that are cordless. it is important that you consider how long the device can work for on a full charge and how long it will take to charge the unit up. Some devices cannot also be used when they are plugged into the elecricity mains even though they are regarded as cordless laser hair removal devices.

You also want to know that the laser hair removal device is of decent quality? You want to know if the device looks like it has been well put together and that there are no obvious parts that might break easily or show signs of wear quickly.

Safety of the unit is a very important issue. You want to know that the units is safe to use, has the right safety mechanisms in place as is also approved by the regulatory bodies as safe to use.

If you are in the United States, the unit must be FDA approved to be sold as a home laser hair reduction device.

At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – Ease Of Use

The ease of use is vital when looking for quality laser hair removal products. You need a device that is easy to use and allows you to focus on treating the area you are targeting..

You want to look at how easy it is to use the product and anything that affects the use of the product such as the product features, the design, the operation of the product or the cleaning and maintenance of the product.

You want to know the treatment regime that you have to follow using this particular laser hair removal device. Do you have to use once every day or do you have to use once every month. Does the laser hair removal device come with enough power that you can go over an area of the body once or do you have to go over the same area several times for the unit to work?

You also want to know if there are any design issues that will affect the ease of use of the device such as the size of the treatment head or the ergonomics of the handle compared to other devices that you are aware of. For example will the design of the device mean that you can use it for long periods of time or store away easily or take away on holiday etc Is it best for home use or professional use

The best laser hair removal tools are simple to use and come with some special features that make using the device much easier such as an easy to read display unit or safety device that prevents the device from firing when it is not particularly safe to do so.

At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – Warranty & Support

You should look for a home laser hair removal device that comes with a lengthy manufacturer’s warranty. The average warranty for this type of product is one year; however, many of the best laser hair removal products offer a warranty of up to 2 years.

A long warranty proves the company is confident in their hair cutting instrument. Furthermore, you should look for a company that provides customer support options to ensure that someone is available to answer your questions and concerns.

Some of the home laser hair removal device manufacturers also offer up to 90 days return guarantee policy which allows you to try the unit FREE for up to 9o days… if you are not happy with the results, you can ask for your money back so long as you return the unit in a good condition*

PS: * – different terms apply to different manuafacturers. see manufacturers terms and policy before you buy

At Home Laser Hair Removal Devices – Other Customer Ratings

You will also need to consider feedback from other users of any specific laser hair removal devices that you are considering to purchase.

Feedback from actual users of the product would very much help you make up your mind about whether or not this is a good product to buy or not.

With the right features and design, you can purchase a powerful home laser hair removal device that will help you get achieve permanent hair reduction without paying a hefty bill each time.

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