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Knowing the right hair removal method for you can help you to avoid unwanted pain and suffering. Learn about the different hair removal methods here including the pros and cons of each hair removal method – to find the best hair removal method for you.

What Are The Different Methods Of Hair Removal

Everybody has a different skin type, so knowing which hair removal method works for you and suits your skin and budget is important.

The are numerous methods for hair removal, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The different methods of hair removal are as follows:



With the help of a razor, you can cut off the tip of the hair shaft which has grown out through the skin. You can get disposable razors, razors with disposable blades, and also electric razors.

Men tend to use these razors to shave their faces, beard, mustaches and underarms, whilst a lot of women use razors to shave their underarms, legs, and bikini areas.

Shaving is an inexpensive method. You can do it yourself; all you need is a razor and a shaving gel. The downside of shaving is that this method of hair removal can cause burns, cuts, and bumps on your skin, and can be rather uncomfortable.

You are also prone to having ingrown hairs, as the process of shaving only cuts the hair at the surface of the skin; so when the hair grows back, it grows within the surrounding tissue and not out of the follicle. The hair curls around and starts growing into the skin, and irritation, redness, and swelling can occur at the hair follicle.



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Another method of hair removal is plucking. This process involves using tweezers or electrical epilators to get rid of unwanted hair. The tweezers will enable you to pull the hair out from its root. You have to stretch the skin tightly, grip the hair close to the base, and then pull it out.

Epilators are an electrical form of tweezers and they use rows of tiny tweezers to actually pluck out the hair from the root.

Plucking usually last for about 3 to 5 weeks before new growth hair starts to come through; . Though the process is time consuming; it is inexpensive, as you do not have to go anywhere to get it done. It can be painful, and you may notice temporary red bumps, as the hair follicle gets swollen and irritated.


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Threading is the ancient art of using just a thin piece of surgical thread, entangled between both the right and left hand or between the hands and mouth to delicately take out individual or clusters of hairs from a given area. It removes the hair from the root and the process is very fast and time-saving, No messy creams or wax involved and the results lasts for two to four weeks.

Threading is so precise that some specialists can remove even a single hair.

The most popular area for this treatment is the eyebrows. It is by far one of the best recommended options for eyebrow shaping. It can tidy up the appearance, create arches or circular shapes, and bring out your personality. Just one threading treatment can metamorphose the complete look of an individual.

Women tend to have their upper lip, sideburns, eyebrows, or entire face treated. Men like to have us treat their cheeks, nose, beard, and between their eyebrows.

There are no side effects with the treatment as it is a non-evasive treatment. However, there is a possibility that the thread may cause a cut to appear on the skin. But that happens either if an untrained person does it, or if the skin is too thin or sensitive.


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Depilatories are hair removal creams or liquids. This is an easy and quick method, as depilatories can remove hair from the skin’s surface.

Depilatories work by reacting with the protein structure of the hair, so the hair dissolves and can be washed or wiped away.

Hair removed with depilatory products can last up to 3 – 5 days before new growth hair starts to come through; which is a bit longer than shaving will last. They are easily available and are inexpensive. You can also use it on your legs, underarms, and bikini areas.

The downside to depilatories is that, they mostly have a bad odor although some of the new ones on the market have got better at masking the odor which is a bi-product of the essential chemicals necessary for hair removal.


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The wax hair removal method involves spreading a sticky wax over the area of the skin where you want to get rid of unwanted hair, and then a cloth strip is applied over the wax and quickly pulled off, taking the hair root and dead skin cells with it. Normally the wax should be warmed, but some can be applied cold. It can be done at a salon or at home.

Hair removed with the wax hair removal method can last up to 3 – 5 weeks before new growth hair starts to come through; Waxing also makes the area smooth and is long lasting.  The hair regrowth also looks lighter than it does after other methods of hair removal such as shaving.

The downside to the hair removal wax method is that the process can be a painful process and you may even get bumps and inflammation after waxing, but on the positive side…. the result you get is worth the pain for most people.

Professional waxing can also be expensive compared to other hair removal methods. Diabetic patients and those under acne treatment should avoid this method.


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The electrolysis hair removal method is regarded as a permanent hair removal method as it involves killing the root of the hair to stop the hair regenerating again. The idea is that over time the hair in the area treated will completely die out.

The process of electrolysis hair removal involves using an an electrolysis hair removal machine, which involves inserting a needle into the hair follicle and sending an electric current through the hair root to kill it. This is usually done in salons and gets done over a series of several appointments. There are however on sale some at home electrolysis kits that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

The downside is that the electrolysis hair removal procedure is expensive and time consuming and even a small area like the upper lip may take a total of 4 to 10 hours, and a larger area such as the bikini line may take 8 to 16 hours. The process can be painful, and dry skin, scabs, scarring, and inflammation may result after treatment.


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The laser hair removal method is also regarded as a permanent hair removal method as it aslo involves killing the root of the hair to stop the hair regenerating again. The idea is that over time the hair in the area treated will completely die out.

Here a laser would be directed through your skin to the hair follicle and to stop growth. Large areas of skin can be treated at the same time unlike the electrolysis method.

Hair removed with the laser hair removal method can last up to 6 months before new growth hair starts to come through.

The downside to laser hair removal is that it is not suitable to everyone. The laser hair removal method is regarded as best suited for light-skinned people having dark hair, as the melanin in the hair absorbs more of the light; thus making treatment more effective. Laser hair removal treatment can also be very expensive .



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Prescription Treatments:

Another method of hair removal is by prescription treatments. Medicinal creams are available by prescription, such as eflornithine for treating facial hair growth. The cream is to be applied twice a day until the hair becomes softer and lighter. Side effects may include skin irritation and acne.

Another medication that doctors prescribe is antiandrogen medications to reduce the appearance of unwanted hair. Androgen hormone can be responsible for hair growth in unwanted areas, and antiandrogens can block the androgen production.


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