Effective Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Find here the key factors that can influence the effectiveness of your laser hair removal treatment and how you can  go about making your treatment more effective

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Having an effective laser hair removal treatment to get rid of your unwanted  hair permanently is not always an easy task to accomplish as there are so many factors that can influence the outcome of your laser hair removal treatment.

Find here the key factors that can influence the effectiveness of your laser hair removal treatment and how you can  go about making your treatment more effective



What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that is done to remove unwanted hair on the body and face through using highly concentrated light to target and damage the hair follicles (root hairs).

What this hair removal method does is to emit a strong light into the pigment of the hair follicles that heats up the hair follicle and destroys the hair.


Effectiveness Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

There are other alternative ways of removing unwanted hair such as shaving, waxing and tweezing but what makes laser hair removal more effective over the other methods of unwanted hair removal are the following:

  • Laser hair removal can target hard to reach areas where other hair removal alternatives might be unable to reach.
  • Laser hair removal can also target coarse hair while leaving the skin area undamaged.
  • Other hair removal options tend to leave scrapes and marks on the skin leading to itchiness and discomfort.
  • Laser hair removal is also a faster way of removing hair as a laser takes seconds to work on an area.
  • Laser hair removal treatment is also beneficial as it results in permanent hair loss after completion of the whole procedure, unlike the other hair removal alternatives where hair grows back after some time.


Effective Laser Hair Removal – Key Factors Influencing Success

Research shows that about 90 percent of laser hair removal patients who are a good fit for the procedure report permanent hair loss after completing the whole procedure. This is after they follow certain steps so as to accomplish the intended goal which is permanent hair loss.

image of before laser hair removal treatment

Before laser hair removal treatment

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After laser hair removal treatment

The following are the factors that will influence the effectiveness of your laser hair removal.

Your skin tone & hair Color

Your skin tone and hair color are key factors that will influence the effectiveness of your laser hair removal treatment.

The hairs need to have some colour to them to be treated with laser, and people with darker and thicker hairs with a light skin tone respond the best to this treatment

Why is this so?

Melanin is the name of the dark pigment that gives human skin, hair, and eyes their color.

Different skin tones and hair colors do have different results with laser hair removal treatment.

The lasers works best by identifying the dark root of the hair in the follicle, differentiating it as a target from the lighter color tissue around the follicle, which allows the follicle to be destroyed and inhibits new hair growth.

The working principle of laser hair removal is simple. The dark colors attract light, light colors reflect light. The laser beam is directed at the hair follicles and the dark pigments in the follicle absorb the laser light energy, while the light skin around it reflects the light. The skin will absorb more of the laser if there are high content of melanin in your skin and it will be unsafe and the hair follicles absorb the volume of laser will be reduced.

People with dark hair and light skin are the easiest to treat, requiring less sessions as the results are faster. The lower the contrast such as blond hair on light skin or dark hair on dark skin, the harder it is for the laser to determine where the hair is.

With the wrong laser, minor burns can occur if the laser can’t make the distinction between hair and skin. If a person has dark skin or a tan there is more melanin present and therefore a lower laser setting must be used to avoid a burn. The unwanted hair will also receive a lower energy pulse and the treatment will be less effective. As a result the client will need more sessions to achieve desired results.



The Skill Of The Laser Hair Removal Technician

One key factor that will affect the effectiveness of your laser hair removal treatment is the skill and experience of the laser hair removal technician

The ability of the laser hair removal technician that treats you in deciding and choosing the right laser device (that is most suitable for your skin type and hair color) is crucial in how effective your laser hair removal treatment will be.

Your laser hair removal technician must have extensive knowledge in identifying and treating skin types similar to yours and also able to control and effectively direct the laser beam from the laser machine to the desired part correctly to avoid skin damage.


The Type Of Laser Hair Removal Machine

The type of laser hair removal machine used for your hair removal is another key factor that will influence the effectiveness of your laser hair removal.

The kind of laser is being used on you is a big issue that consumers very often overlook. All laser hair removal systems carry their own sets of advantages and disadvantages and each type of laser hair removal device works best with a particular skin type and hair color and some lasers are better than others for hair removal in specific areas.

For your hair removal treatment to work effectively, the right laser equipment with the right power, size, and pulse frequency have to be used

Using the wrong type of laser hair removal device can not only be outright dangerous resulting in serious burns, but could unnecessarily prolong your hair removal treatment resulting in an inflated treatment cost, and at worst be seriously ineffective at removing any hair.


Using The Right Settings For The Laser Machine

Using the appropriate laser energy is a key factor that will influence the effectiveness of your hair removal procedure.

Some of the laser hair removal devices can be adjusted for power, size, and pulse frequency to optimize the treatment for the patient’s comfort. It is important that the machines are adjusted rightly to suit the type of skin and hair color of the patient.



Number & Frequency Of Sessions

The effectiveness of your laser hair removal treatment will also depend on the number of hair removal treatment sessions you undertake and the frequency of your treatment

Laser hair removal treatment only work in the growth phase of the hair, hence 6 to 8 sessions of treatments every 8 – 12 weeks are needed to target ALL hair in the active growth phase.

To get about 80 – 90% permanent hair reduction, you will need about 6 – 8 sessions of treatment depending on the your skin type, hair coloring, coarseness of the hair, depth of the hair follicle and the size of the area that need be treated.


Steps To Take To Have An Effective Laser Hair Removal

Below are some of the steps that you can take to have a very effective laser hair removal treatment

  1. Select a qualified and skilled dermatologist. A botched job could cause lifelong scars, you should choose a practitioner who not only charges a price you like, but who will provide the best possible service. Make an appointment with him or her to discuss the procedure and map out your treatment plan. If the practitioner makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason or they refuses to answer questions, then go somewhere else.
  2. Use a laser hair removal service provider that has the right sort of laser hair removal machine for your skin tone and hair color. Don’t base your decision about what price the laser clinic, spa or beauty salon is charging only.
  3. Answer questions about your current and past medical history and any medications you are currently taking truthfully. The last thing you want to do is mislead your laser technician .
  4. Avoid doing any lasers hair removal treatment while on Accutane or Isotretinoin until after finishing your course for 6-12 months. These medicines are used to treat certain type of severe acne, they are strong and have the potential to cause some serious side effects including make skin became immensely dry and extremely sun sensitive.
  5. Prepare Adequately For the Laser hair Treatment – Do not wax or pluck hair three weeks before treatment. click here to find out more about how to prepare for laser hair removal treatment
  6. Shave 24 hours before treatment. It is very important for you to avoid waxing, plucking, depilatory creams or other hair reduction methods except shaving for 4-6 weeks before laser hair removal treatment.
  7. Complete the right number of sessions. You need to attend all the sessions for the treatment to be effective.



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