Cost Of Laser Hair Removal – 5 Things That Might Affect The Price You pay

Laser hair removal is a good choice for those who want a more permanent solution to unwanted body and facial hair however the cost of laser hair removal treatment among clinics vary widely.

Find here info on the various factors that might influence your cost of laser hair removal treatment


cost of laser hair removal

Patient Undergoing Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is one of the safest and most effective means for achieving long-lasting permanent hair reduction. Men and women can be treated nearly anywhere on their face or body for unwanted hair, eliminating the hassle and necessity of constant grooming.

Laser hair removal cost although cheaper than other methods of hair removal like shaving, waxing or electrolysis (when you compare on a long term basis) , the prices vary from city to city, region to region and from one clinic to another. This means that laser hair removal prices in New York are not exactly the same as treatment costs in Atlanta.

This article will help you get a better understanding of the key factors that can influence your laser hair removal cost and also provide you with some tips on how to save on the cost of laser hair removal treatment.



What is the Cost of Laser Hair Removal?

One of the most commonly asked question by people considering laser hair removal treatment is “what is the cost of laser hair removal treatment?”.

Although laser hair removal treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in countries such as the United States;, getting a clear cost estimate for laser hair removal can be tough

There are many variables that determine the cost of laser hair removal and there are also various methods that the laser hair removal clinics use for pricing laser hair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal sessions might be charged per hour or per area treated

According to 2016 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of laser hair removal in the US is $306.

For large areas such as the back and the legs you can expect to pay a minimum of $500, whilst the face and neck combined will also be similarly priced. The chest area tends to be slightly more affordable, with prices averaging at about $450. The areas of the underarm and armpits are usually the cheapest for laser hair removal, and in the United States you will pay around $300. Laser hair removal on the bikini area will cost a similar amount – about $350.

Laser hair removal is usually not considered to be essential for health and as such is not covered by medical insurance.

The cost of laser hair removal can also differ dramatically from city to city or state to state, with areas that have greater demand for the procedure tending to be more expensive.

The table below illustrates the average high and low costs of laser hair removal per session for different areas of the body.


average cost of laser hair removal treatment

Table showing – Average Cost Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment


Laser Hair Removal Cost – Key Things That Might Affect The Price You Pay

There are various factors that can influence the cost of laser hair removal but listed below are 5 key things that might influence your laser hair removal cost:


1. Size Of Treatment Area.

Different body parts have different surface area, areas such as the legs and back have a large surface area while areas like the armpits, bikini area and face have a smaller surface area.

The larger the surface area you want treated, the higher the cost of laser hair removal will be. The average price for the larger surface ranges between $500-$1000 while the price for laser hair removal for smaller surface areas range between $250-$500 per session


2.  Choice Of Clinic

The cost of laser hair removal also depends on what kind of clinic, medspa, or dermatologist you’re receiving service from. Permanent laser hair removal prices can differ because it may be a substantial part of a practitioner’s business as is the case with laser clinics and medical spas, or it may just be a service offered to dermatology or plastic surgery patients as a “side treatment.”

Generally speaking, the average cost per treatment is higher when purchased through a plastic surgeon or dermatologist’s office than through a clinic that specializes in laser hair removal treatments.


3. Number Of Sessions.

The number of treatment session you will need will affect your cost of laser hair removal treatment. Treatment sessions do vary between patients. Most people undertaken laser hair removal treatment require between 6-8 sessions to permanently reduce hair growth for each part of the body worked on.

There are however some health issues which might complicate the number of sessions that one might be required to have.

A high number of treatment sessions will no doubt increase the cost of laser hair treatment however most laser clinics do offer laser hair removal treatment packages that might help reduce the total cost of the sessions


4. Type Of Laser Machine Needed

The easy it is for hair lasers to work on your skin and hair type, generally speaking, the less expensive your treatments will end up costing

The color of your hair and skin is a major factor in the cost of laser treatments. Because the energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, it’s best if your hair is darker than your skin tone. Dark hair on light skin responds best to treatment. The procedure is least effective on blonde or red hair. Several sessions will be required and the results may not be consistent.


5. Geographical Location Of Treatment Clinic

The geographical location of your clinic will also affect the price you pay for your laser hair removal treatment. Price varies considerably based on the location of the laser hair removal clinic. Particular locations offer treatments that are higher prices or more expensive packages than others due to their locations. If the clinic is location somewhere with a high volume of people that are potentially interested in the procedure, they are more likely to increase the price for optimum return.


Tips For Saving On Cost Of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

No matter what kind of laser clinic or medspa you chose, what lasers they offer, or how they charge for their Laser Hair Removal, here are a few tips to help keep your cost of laser hair removal down:


  • If you haven’t already decided on a provider, it is worth shopping around to find someone who will work with you to make the treatment fit your budget. If you do decide to shop around, make sure you ask each provider the same questions so that you are getting accurate answers that you can easily compare. An important thing to note: just because the cost of laser hair removal is far less at one clinic than another doesn’t mean it’s the best long term choice for your treatment. Do keep quality in mind as you shop, because without great results, what are you paying for?


  • Ask your local laser specialist about package options that might allow you to pay less for a session if you book more than one treatment at a time. You might also find that some clinics offer discounts if you get treatment on more than one area of the body, or combine additional cosmetic treatments with your laser hair removal.


  • Consider In-Office Financing – Cosmetic surgeons usually offer in-office financing to make treatments more affordable to their patients. Financing through your doctor’s office will often mean low interest rates and little money down, making the process much more affordable. However, doctors may not provide as many financing options and their terms for individuals with poor credit might not be too desirable.


  • Ask if the clinic has a refer a friend program. The more the merrier—all you need to do is bring a friend and get a discount.




Laser Hair Removal Cost – 5 Things That Might Affect the Price You pay


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