Body Waxing For Men – Should You Really Consider It?

Waxing is a great solution for removing your unwanted hair especially if you want an efficient and long lasting method. Is Waxing a good form of hair removal for men too?

body waxing for men

Mens Hair Wax – Types Of Body Waxing For Men


Body waxing for men is a hair removal method that you can use for most parts of your body.

If your skin is not too sensitive, and you want a more efficient and long lasting way of getting rid of unwanted hair from your body …. then waxing might just be the way to go.

Body wax for men is a great solution to removing unwanted hair and it remains a safe and easy method that you can use to remove body hair provided you can endure the slight pain associated with waxing. 🙂

Using a waxing procedure to remove unwanted hair from your body will take you much less time than the time it takes you to use shaving or by using a hair removal cream.

Waxing when done well removes your hairs from the root. It takes less of your time and money compared to permanent treatments like electrolysis or laser hair removal.


Body Waxing For Men – The Process

If  you are just getting your body waxed for the first time, it is better to consult  and pay a professional salon or spa to have your body waxed;

If that is not an option for you then I would suggest that you do a thorough research on body waxing methods to find out which waxing method is best for you.

If you are thinking of getting your body waxed to remove unwanted hair, there are a number of things you need to do before having your waxing done.

You will for starters need to ensure you stay away from the sun;

You will also need to avoid the pool or beach for at least 24 hours.

The procedure for having your body waxed as a man involves applying warm wax to the area which you want to have the hair removed from.

You have to spread your knees as far apart as they will go, while keeping your feet together.

In this “wide stance” position, ( just like waiting to have your Pampers changed ), you are painted with hot wax, to which strips are successively attached and then torn away. Not once, but many, many times.

The fact is that, in order to rip, you have to grip. A point of leverage is required: a place that can be firmly gripped and pulled while the skin is tautened.

You may have to stretch your skin slightly in that same direction to assist you in removing the wax with the hair in trapped.

Then you remove your hair captured in the wax in an opposing direction, or opposite to the direction of hair growth.



Types Of Body Waxing For Men

There are different types of body wax for men you should take note of.

Here are some terms that you might come across if you are considering waxing your hair for the first time



“The Brazillian”

The Brazilian wax is used to refer to a situiation where you remove even the inner most part of your intimate region.

All your hairs will be removed with the exception of a small ‘landing strip’ in your pubic area.

During a full Brazilian wax, you will have to be naked from your waist down, and will have to change into different positions so that every hair in your pubic area can be eliminated… with the exception of the small landing strip that is left behind



Mens Hair Wax – ” The Hollywood”

The Hollywood mens body wax is a for of modified brazillian wax.

It is similar to the Brazilian wax but instead of leaving a small patch…

you remove all your pubic hairs including the ‘landing strip’.

If everything is done well you will be left looking as like a new born baby in your pubic area.



Mens Hair Wax – “Body, Sac & Crack”

The Back, sac and crack is another type of body wax for men.

This is a form of waxing and is used to refer to when you select for hairs to be removed from your shoulders, the tops of your arms, your back, butt, crack, shaft, scrotum and perineum.



Mens Hair Wax – “Swim Suit Type”

The Swim suit type of body wax is used to refer to occassions where you select to have hair removed for the purpose of wearing your swimming pants.

This means removing all the hairs around the edges of your swim pants.

There is no need to go full brazillian here or to go hollywood style

The Swim suit body wax for men is a less evasive method but it still leaves a small piece of hair.



Mens Hair Wax – What To Expect

The pain involved with waxing for men can be minor or brutal and can continue for some seconds or several minutes but if you repeat the procedure, you will feel less pain subsequently.

The more you wax the thinner your hair grows…

so you tend to experience the pain the most the first time it is done.

The pain gets less and less over time



Mens Waxing – What Happens After The Waxing Process

After waxing, you will need to apply aloe gel to the area you waxed.

After which you allow the area to be dried and then you apply a nourishing lotion.

Do Allow the pores of the skin in your waxed area to close before you take a shower and it takes at least 3 hours for the pores to close.

Body wax for men is a great solution for removing your unwanted hair especially if you want an efficient and long lasting method of getting rid of unwanted hair that is more efective than plain shaving.

It is a safe and easy method for body hair removal



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