Best Waxing Kits For Men

Finding the right sort of waxing kit to buy for hair removal at home can be fraught with difficulties if you are a man. Find below some of the best hair removal waxing kits for men.

best waxing hair removal kits to buy

Waxing Kits For Men – A Review Of 5 Top Selling Waxing Kits

Here are some of the top selling waxing kits for men


Gigi Waxing kit

GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit


This GiGi Brazilian wax kit really does have almost everything you need to do a successful Brazilian on your own.

To start with … here is what you get for your money…

You get:

  • GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax (this is the same stuff they use at the salon)
  • GiGi wood sticks for spreading wax
  • Gigi Pre-epilation oil
  • Gigi Post-wax cooling gel (this is *not* a wax remover)
  • Gigi Wax Warmer (the true value of the kit, comes with a warmer, plastic cover, and paper ring to put around the wax container so it doesn’t drip onto the warmer)
  • Instructional DVD (meant for professionals and not super helpful to me)


The  Gigi Waxing kit is suitable for both men and women;

It is a waxing kit that has been confirmed to be easy to use and will save you loads of money …

than having to get your waxing done in a salon.

The general perception of customers who have used the gigi waxing kit is that the kit heats to a perfect temperature and can be used for almost all parts of the body.

It is important though that you follow the instructions and that you get the right kit for the part of the body that you want to wax.

Some customers claim the gigi waxing kit is the same one used by their own salon…;  costing them anything like 3 – 4 times more at the salon.

There is a DVD that comes with the pack;

It is adviceable that you watch the DVD before starting the waxing process

 Gigi Waxing Kit :… Check Availability & Latest Price


Moom Waxing Kit

The Moom waxing kit for men is also one of the best product for removing unwanted hair for men.

You get professional looking results that last for weeks with this easy-to-use hair removal kit, specifically designed for male body hair.moom waxing kit

It is easy to use, with half the pain involved with regular waxing products.

If you follow the instructions, this product really works.

The only suggestion made by a lot of users of this product  is to have plenty of strips available before you start and to keep the product warm

This sugar-based blend is gentle, safe, and 100% natural, but still tough enough to remove even the most stubborn course, hair quickly.

Ideal for chest, back, and other areas, the Moom waxing kit can help you achieve that smooth, sculpted look.

To achieve the best results, you will need to follow the instructions for the product to give you the best result and have plenty of strips available before you start.

To find out more about the Moom Waxing Kit For Men … Click here


Sally Hansen hair removal wax strip kit

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip KitSally Hansen hair removal wax strip kit is another waxing kit that received positive reviews.

However it is mainly for the face, eye brows and the intimate region.

The Sally Hansen hair removal wax kit is very easy to use and it comes in different sizes… perfectly removing hairs with little pain and no irritation as confirmed by users who have used the product.

The Sally Hansen hair removal wax kit  also contains finishing oil (The azulene oil) which is great for removing wax stickiness & soothing skin after waxing.

It’s nice that it’s in a bottle (not wipes like most kits), so it lasts a long time.

More Information About The Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip Kit


Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit

Surgi-wax Brazilian waxing kit is a great waxing kit for men, to use for only your intimate region. click to find out more about surgi-wax brazillian waxing kit

This wax seems to hit the sweet spot of cost, pliability, and grip.

Unlike some other waxing kits, the surgi-wax doesn’t become brittle as soon as it is cool enough to touch neither is it as expensive as some other brands

The wax comes with an oil to put on your skin to prevent the wax from sticking to your skin so the wax only sticks to the hairs.

This makes the process a lot easier on sensitive skin.

The oil will stay on your skin for a few hours afterwards, but it’s so little it doesn’t stain anything

Reviews by other buyers reveal that the Surgi-wax Braxillian Waxing Kit is worth the money, it is less painful and it works.

Some users also confirmed that it can also be used for under arms too, leaving your skin smooth and long lasting.

Find Out More about Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts


Nair Hair Removal Waxing Kit

The last product I will be talking of is the Nair hair removal kit which you can use for almost any part of the body.Click to find out more about nair hair removal waxing kit

Nair Microwavable Wax, is a complete package with everything you need to get your skin waxed.

It heats up the easiest, cools down the slowest, takes the most hair off, and being water soluble is the easiest to get rid of that sticky feeling you are left with after waxing.

Waxing is often messy but because the nair microwavable wax is water soluble… you can easily get it off of anything you may drip it on……

and it does smell… yummy

The nair hair removal kit also comes with a lot of cloths and you can just throw each one in a bowl of water as you use them.

Rinse the clothes clean and reuse when you need them.

You also tend to suffer a lot less pain with this stuff because it doesn’t grab your skin at all, just the hair.

Click Here To Find Out More Information About The Nair Hair Removal Kit


You should however note that skin type varies so the experiences in the reviews might not be the same for you.

If you are inexperienced and or you are someone who finds it difficult to pay attention to details, it is best to get a professional to get your skin waxed before procuring a waxing kit to do it on your own.

It would be lovely to hear from you if you have used a waxing kit that you feel would be of benefit to our readers too… why not share it with us by using the comments section below or sending us a review using this link.




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