Best Home IPL/Laser Hair Removal Device 2018

Choosing the best home ipl/laser hair removal device to buy can be a daunting task as there are now various home-based IPL/Laser hair removal devices available on the market today. Find below our list of the best home ipl/laser hair removal device to buy


Best home ipl/laser hair removal devices

Best home ipl/laser hair removal devices

Home IPL/Laser Hair Removal Device

One of the best and most effective solution for permanently removing hair is to use a IPL/Laser Hair Removal device.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Laser hair removal devices are devices that are specifically designed to use a form of light energy to remove unwanted hair from large areas of the face and body.

The IPL/Laser devices generate and fire off high intensity light energy which are used to permanently damage the hair follicles in any area there is unwanted hair. The results can be a permanent reduction of unwanted hair in the area treated.

Until a few years ago, ipl/laser hair removal devices were only available to be used by trained personnel in laser specialist clinics and beauty salons.

However, since 2006, the FDA (the organisation responsible for public safety) has approved a small number of home laser / IPL hair removal kits so that they can be sold directly to the consumer as permanent hair reduction tools.

Whilst the home ipl/laser hair removal devices are not as powerful as those devices used in professional clinics, you are still able to achieve the same hair free results, albeit that you will need to treat the affected area over an extended period of time to see the same results.

Not only do you get to save on the massive cost associated with having ipl/laser hair removal treatments done in in a hair removal clinic but you also get to be able to treat the areas you want treated in the privacy of your own home as and when you choose to have the treatment done.


How Do IPL/Laser Device Work?

Both IPLs and lasers manipulate the use of light, which is absorbed by melanin in the hair and this damages the hair follicle.

The medical term for this is ‘Selective Photothermolysis’. Over time the hair becomes weaker and eventually stops growing.

One thing to note is the distinction between a laser and an IPL hair removal device. IPL, or intense pulsed light, is not a laser, but emits a spectrum of colors and wavelengths that helps reduce hair growth unlike a laser, which delivers one single wave of red light to permanently disable the hair follicle.

The majority of home hair-removal machines use the IPL technology mainly because it is cheaper to produce than the more expensive laser devices.


Best Home IPL/Laser Hair Removal Devices To Buy

Choosing the best home ipl/laser hair removal device to buy can be a daunting task as there are now various home-based IPL/Laser hair removal devices available on the market today.

To make it easier for you to choose a suitable one, we have taken the time to research and check out various user reviews to come up with our own list of the best home ipl/laser hair removal device to buy.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

The Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 is a high end cordless IPL device at a premium price. It is fast, precise and comfortable to use with unrivaled design & quality.

It comes with over 250,000 light pulses and has a long lamp lifetime lasting 15+ years. It can be used as a cordless device or mains operated device. You can also use the device while charging it.

The Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 comes with 4 different shaped caps for use on the body, face, bikini and underarms, ranging in size from 2cm² up to 4.1cm². This makes it super easy to use especially in awkward areas such as the armpits and just above the lips.

The 4.1cm² cap is one of the largest treatment flash window amongst other IPL devices and so combined with it’s 2 second flash repetition rate, makes the Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 one of the fastest IPL hair remover device for treating large areas

With 5 intensity levels to choose from, it operates at higher IPL power than other devices (from 2.4 to 6.5 J/cm²) so it’ll work faster to reduce your hair growth. It’s suitable for all but the darkest skin and comes with a new Smartskin sensor to check for a safe tone.

Tria 4x Home Laser Hair Removal Device

The Tria 4X is the only FDA-cleared true laser device for use at home. It is the most powerful home-use device available and it’s considered to give the fastest and longest lasting results.

The Tria Laser 4X features the same core diode laser technology used by professional clinics. While professional devices may offer higher peak power and/or greater speed of laser pulse, the Tria Laser 4X delivers excellent, permanent results in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

The Tria 4x comes with 5 intensity level settings and safely delivers over 3 times more hair-eliminating energy density than any other at-home hair removal devices. The power density output ranges from 7 to 22 J/cm². That’s the strongest of all home-use light energy hair removal devices.

The Tria 4x covers your skin 0.5 cm at a time. You also get a minimum 300 battery charge cycles. Each charge cycle gives you between 500 and 600 pulses. So, assuming 500 pulses, that means you can cover a minimum total body area of 75,000 cm2.

The only downside is that the laser treatment window is small (just over 5 mm) so it does takes a long time to zap your skin. It can be time consuming and tedious on large areas like your legs. Plus, it’s easy to lose your place and forget which bits you’ve already zapped! But it’s much more manageable in 30-minute sessions for your face and small areas.

Smoothskin Muse

If you want fast, no-nonsense, high IPL power device that’ll never run out of flashes then this is it!

The smoothskin Muse is an update on the SS Gold model. It has the same great ergonomic design and advanced skin tone sensor that checks your skin and selects the best intensity for you.

It’s the first high-power device with unlimited IPL flashes. You’ll never run out. So, you get 100s of full body treatments and decades of smooth skin results. And it’s so safe and uncomplicated to use.

This powerful IPL has a versatile 3 cm² flash window for all body areas and is suitable for all but the darkest skin tones.

The muse comes with 10 intensity settings and deliver great hair reduction results fast. It is one of the fastest to cover your skin in flashes and so it’s a great choice for full body treatments and larger areas

Remington I Light Ultra 6500QFB

The Remington iLIGHT Ultra 6500QFB Face and Body hair removal device is averagely priced, comes with a replaceable 65,000 pulse flash cartridge, a number of safety features and a 3cm2 treatment window for the body area, making it ideal for treating small and large areas of the body.

If you are planning on treating your full body plus face and bikini area, you will find the Remington ILight Ultra Face and Body system to be great value for money.

The only drawback is that the device is not a full one piece device as it is attached to a base unit and also not a cordless device. The location of the skin tone sensor is also a bit awkward. however none of these issues are deal breakers as far as recommending this device as a good buy

Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 5

The Braun Gillette Venus Silk-expert 5 is a smart choice. It uses advanced technology and sensitive design giving you balanced power and safety in use. With its plug-in-and-go design, it’s simply foolproof.

It has a very sleek, smart design. It looks expensive, feels good to hold, never runs out of power, is fuss-free and fast.

The Braun Gillette Venus Silk Expert 5 comes with 300,000 pulse flushes which will give you 15+ years of full body treatment. It has 10 intensity level settings and outputs up to a maximum 6 J/cm² of energy at the highest setting.

It is almost identical to the Smoothskin Gold. This isn’t surprising because Cyden Ltd manufactures both.

The Silk-expert IPL takes most of the guesswork out of home IPL treatments. You don’t choose your intensity level because the skin tone sensor does it for you. It has 2 skin tone sensors that check your skin before each flash and choose the safest most effective intensity level for your skin. The chosen intensity is shown on the side-strip indicator lights

The Silk-expert IPL covers large areas fast. It has a big 3cm² treatment window and it flashes every 1 to 2 seconds (it’s fastest on the lower intensity settings). It takes between 40 seconds and a minute to treat a pair of underarms (roughly 120 cm²) and can cover a full leg in around 9 mins

Mlay M3 Home IPL Hair Removal Device

The Mlay M3 Home IPL hair removal device is an amazing at home hair removal device at an amazing price.

It is a small, compact and corded hand held device that comes with 5 intensity levels and outputs up to a maximum of 5 J/cm² of energy at the highest setting. You can use it on all parts of the body including the face.

The device is for those who want all the benefits of an IPL home hair removal kit but don’t want to spend the shirts on their back getting it.

The Mlay M3 has a medium sized treatment window measuring just over 3.9cm and comes with 300,000 pulses flashes which will give you close to 14+ years of full body treatment.

The lamp cartridge is also replaceable which means the device itself will last you a lifetime… All you need to do if you run out of pulse juice is replace only the light pulse cartridge.

The only downside of the Mlay M3 is the time it takes to recharge between pulse flashes (3 secs) and the fact that the device does not have the glide mode feature which means that the Mlay M3 does have a slow coverage rate. This should however not be a deal breaker.

If you have a limited budget but want a good home IPL kit that is easy to use, can get the job done and you are willing to trade away some brand prestige and a bit of feature here and there. The Mlay M3 will be good for you!

Smoothskin Bare

If you are on a tight budget, got limited time to spare and just want a plug in and go device that is simple, easy to use and pretty fast, you might want to check this Smoothskin Bare IPL device out.

The Smoothskin Bare is no-frills, but the design, build, and quality of materials is great. There’s superb attention to detail from the black silicone grip to the neat, tapered treatment window. It’s light-weight but not flimsy. It feels good in the hand

It’s the smaller and less expensive cousin of the Smoothskin Gold. The 3cm² flash window gives good coverage on large flat-ish areas like legs. It takes a bit more manoeuvring on trickier areas like your small upper lip and bones on your ankles.

It emits IPL at a single low intensity (3 J/cm²) so it’s the most simple to operate and ultra-fast. The flashes come every 0.6 seconds and combined with the 3cm² flash window it can cover a pair of underarms (roughly 120cm²) in just 24 seconds or a full leg in about 4 , which is, about the same time as it takes to use a shaving stick. That’s the fastest out there.

The Smoothskin Bare is different to all others because it has just one low energy intensity level of 3 J/cm². You don’t need to choose a level for your skin tone because it’s safe for Fitzpatrick skin types I to V.

It comes with Unlimited number of flashes, so it will never run out. If you’re happy to trade higher intensity levels for more but very fast treatments, then the speed and simplicity will suit you well.

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